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About Mershell
"Color Has Created My Life"
Mershell Sherman

My life, as I know it, was altered after the passing of my twin sister Ladell in 1999. After a debilitating grief, I began working with color on furniture, through this process I discovered the healing power of color. In 2001 I began creating images like fish,  palms, and flowers on discarded cabinet doors- bright, bold, whimsical, iconic beach images. I am inspired by the beach and being near the water, it's where I find my refuge. My work has been described by the many people that have bought and collected work as "happy, fun, and folksy". Because of the bright colors, it will brighten any space you have it. 

How Art Healed His Heart, Saved His Life, and Discovered the Healing Power of Color

In 1999 Mershell's twin sister Ladell died. Anyone who has lost a sibling knows how hard that is, but it's even harder for those who are twins, who have that extra close bond that only they can understand. It was during that time that Mershell went into himself, spending more time alone and started painting. We can't always say what we feel and painting opens doors to expression far beyond ordinary words. But it wasnt just the painting, it was the colors. The colors took on a world of their own, meanings of their own, they became healing. It was then that he discovered the healing power of color. 

Color, Color, and more Color. 
Bright, Bold, Healing. 

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